For My Mom


Sometimes I struggle with holidays such as Mother’s Day because it makes me sad for daughters without mothers, and for women who want to be moms but can’t, and for people who have bad relationships with their moms, and for moms who no longer have their daughters. I’ve concluded that the best way to commemorate Mother’s Day is with ultimate sensitivity and gratefulness for the wonderful Mom I have been blessed with.


I love this picture because it shows how selfless and sweet my mom is.

Here’s some reasons why I love my mom…this list is not all-inclusive, and is in no particular order:

  • She’s selfless. In the picture, she’s holding me when I was in my spica cast which weighed more than I did!
  • She’s a hard worker. I see this in her garden, in our house, and every holiday when we have several relatives and friends over to our home.
  • She’s stinking cute. Not that any of the outfits featured in this picture would be worn today, but in the 90’s all of us were looking good and I can only hope to be as cute as my mom when I’m a mom some day! (Not even kidding. My mom’s so cute.)
  • She’s a planner. The reason I want to be a planner is because she’s shown me a great example whether she’s coordinating car rides, catering for a wedding, or a baby shower.
  • She’s creative. I love how when we were little she always had crafts for us, and I also appreciate how often she switches up the furniture in our home. I love being creative thanks to her (and my sister)!
  • She’s a good shopper. From outlet malls and rummage sales to fancy shops, I love going to stores with my Mom.
  • She sings great harmony. I love singing with my mom, and how she makes me sound good 🙂
  • She laughs at my jokes…with the joke of the day being something about a chihuahua and the fact that I want to get one and name it Joelle.
  • She supports me…with one huge example that comes to mind when she agreed to try the gluten free diet with me two summers ago…and it worked and we’re both GF to this day!
  • She likes to be warm. I think this is genetic, but as I’m writing this I am wearing a sweatshirt and a fleece. For the record, it’s May.
  • She supports TOMS and I do, too!
  • She’s a good listener. I appreciate how she can sit and listen to me babble and complain and then offer wise words to me, even when I don’t want to hear them.

And, the #1 thing that I admire most about my mom:

  • She is not bitter. My mom has reasons where she could’ve chosen to live a bitter life, but she has decided to live with gratitude and joy. She has taught me that I’m not a victim and that everything I have been given is a gift I should appreciate. She’s taught me that money doesn’t grow on trees and we can wait to buy a new pair of jeans until we find a 30% off coupon at Kohl’s. She’s shown me how to live a life for the Lord, and to find joy in Him.

Thanks Mom, for living a great example for me! I love you


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