Funny How A Melody Sounds Like A Memory


One thing I love about music is that a few notes can instantly bring me back to a specific memory. I’m in Starbucks with my iTunes on shuffle and “Why Can’t I” comes on. I do believe the song was released in the 2003-2004 era, but the song brings me to my best friend’s basement right after we graduated from high school.

Her party took place on a rainy day, so guests couldn’t be outside as they originally planned. To get out of the way, I went downstairs with a bunch of friends. We ran into a random variety of people downstairs, so we decided to do karaoke or some other PS2 singing game. I sang “Why Can’t I.” And “Twist and Shout.”

I’m thinking of my BFF thanks to iTunes shuffle today!

The beautiful thing is- I’ve got a lot of songs like that. I love hearing a song and thinking of fond memories. Don’t get me wrong- some of songs bring me back to not-such-fond memories, too, but I think that’s special. Music is cool like that.


As me what song reminds me of you  🙂


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