Videos About Prayer


In my previous post, I featured Justin Bieber’s music video for his song Pray. Granted, the song is good (the video is, too), I was overall disappointed (disturbed?) by the first page of videos that came up when I YouTubed “Pray” :

  • Tacky and outdated videos of people talking “explaining how to pray” etc
  • JBiebs “Pray” (there were several versions of this)
  • Other strange and fairly unheard of songs having to do with prayer (some were Christian songs, others were not)
  • Extremely long videos (20+ minutes) perhaps of entire church services/sermons??
  • Videos with names such as HOW TO PRAY; HOW TO CAST OUT DEMONS (all caps)

If you know how to pray AND are able to make good videos, please consider this a calling to go out and make a good video representing the true meaning of prayer!


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