Funny Stories


Jilli and I have so many funny stories together… so for her birthday I figure I should share a few.

Stories from Choir

  • Jilli and I aren’t exactly the “anchor altos;” we did, however, master this one line of a single-note phrase, “is that a choir I hear-singing the praises of God.” The two of us sang that phrase so loudly in our high school choir that the director looked over and gave us the stink eye every time. It was worth it.
  • Christmas concert sophomore/junior year.
    -Lyrics, “and cue the snow.”
    -Unnamed choir member- *shoots the snow/confetti gun thing at us rather than up*
    -Me and Jilli- *gets completely covered in white confetti*
    -Me and Jilli- *laughs, on stage, for the remainder of the concert*
    -After the concert, the audience- “Wow, good job girls, that was great” while picking confetti off of our backs

Times with our Sisters

  • Liz and Lauren made us do a scavenger hunt which included challenges; one challenge required us to do a three-legged race, which became impossible when Lauren’s goat ate the nylons that were supposed to connect our legs.
  • Jilli getting her hand slapped by a store owner for trying to take a business card
  • All those embarrassing times when we go bowling and I get as many gutter balls as I do anything else; especially embarrassing when we’re the only ones in the bowling alley
  • Receiving roughly 64 free bowling passes (each) for getting good grades.
  • Our freshman/sophomore year, our sisters were seniors; they made us be extras in a “Lose It All With Lauren” weight loss video. Jilli and I made complete fools out of ourselves doing weird exercises and the entire senior class saw the video. Woof.
  • The four of us made a music video for “Little White Church,” which included each of us wearing wedding dresses on the side of the road… we got a lot of roadside attention from motorcyclists and people driving by.
  • The time your Country Thunder day pass got upgraded to a week pass. WIN.

Just Us

  • Goodwill scavenger hunt this year (see the picture below; it describes our friendship)
  • Spanish class. I almost forgot! Jilli would tell our teacher, “so ummm I could really settle for a slow-down”
  • Fort Wilderness- Paul- “I guess this is goodbye” #nuffsaid
  • The time we went out in public dressed up as Two Mulans and a bunch of seniors where there. !!!


I could for sure go on for longer, but I think this is already the longest post I’ve ever published! I love all the memories we’ve made, Jilli, and I can’t wait for more!


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