Today We Made White Bracelets


My good friend Callie and I each made a white bracelet today. Lots of people asked us why, so here’s our story:

For high school Callie and I went to a small K-12; the two of us were also in a women’s Bible study together and we made (and distributed) colorful bracelets for our classmates as a reminder to pray for Jacob, a third grader at our school who had cancer.

When Jacob passed away, we made white bracelets as a replacement for the colorful ones to represent Jacob being healed in heaven, and as a reminder to pray for his earthly family.

Fast forward some three years. Callie and I now attend the same college. In October, we both received news that our hometown community lost a fantastic girl- a God Girl, as she’s known now. A little girl from our church and elementary school, Avery, passed away in a car accident. While our community mourned together at home, Callie and I mourned at college.

The earth lost Avery six months ago today; today Callie and I made white bracelets and wore them around our college campus. We’re thankful that Avery is in the presence of God and for the testimony and legacy she has left us with. We wear our bracelets remembering Avery’s family and being inspired to live a life for God as Avery did.

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