Movie Review: Premium Rush (And a word on bikes)


I’ve seen a lot of below-average movies lately. But there is one movie I’m currently loving: Premium Rush. I’m not sure if I missed a memo or why I was unaware of this movie until I rented it at Redbox, but you’ve gotta see it! Premium Rush is a high-action, low-violence movie with a hint of romance and comedy. Basically, the movie completes my standards for a good flick. Premium Rush is  about a bike* messenger in Manhattan who attempts to deliver a mysterious package around the city. Sketchy cops are involved as well as other interesting characters and even a heart-warming end. Although there aren’t big name actors in this movie, it didn’t strike me as low-budget.


*Bike disclaimer: I don’t ride bikes. To quote The Italian Job, “I HAD a bad EXPERIENCE.” However, I do appreciate bikes for decorative purposes (ie as a pattern on a scarf, or having a retro bike placed in my front yard with flowers around it). I also have no problem with bikes in movies or used for other sorts of stationary entertainment. Heck, I don’t mind stationary exercise bikes for crying out loud. Just don’t ask me to hit the trails for a bike ride. Not doin it!


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