Miranda’s Best


I’m a huge Miranda Lambert fan. From “Kerosene” to “Over You” to her Pistol Annies songs, I appreciate how real Miranda is about life. As a tribute to Miranda:

My Top 10 Favorite Miranda Lambert Songs*:

  1. Nobody’s Fool -“When they ask I’ll just say he’s nobody-and me, well, I’m nobody’s fool”
  2. Over You -Co-written by Miranda and her husband Blake Shelton, about Blake’s brother who passed away.
  3. Takin’ Pills -My favorite Pistol Annie’s tune, and perhaps me dreaming about being a rock star someday (we owe $400 to the boys in the band…)
  4. Mama’s Broken Heart -Watch the video and you will understand.
  5. Safe -Written for Blake- “polished & changed for the better”
  6. The House That Built Me -The epitome of a country song, I guess- my dog is indeed buried in the backyard of the house that built me… so I can relate to this tearjerker.
  7. Heart Like MineI just smile and say God Bless”
  8. Famous In A Small Town -Because I’m from a small town and I know how not difficult it is to make the front page of the Gazette.
  9. Dead Flowers -Five stars on my iTunes (and I don’t hand out five stars). Poetic but relatable all at once.
  10. White Liar -Another excellent video, add a redhead named Bernice and a bombshell just for you… love this one.


*In no particular order. And subject to change 🙂

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