10 Things: Fave Memories With My Siblings


In honor of National Sibling Day:
Some of my favorite memories with you two:

  1. Fireworks up north this past year post-4th of July- it was cold so we got cappuccinos from the gas station
  2. The initial game (CW anyone?!)
  3. The time we met Ryan Braun!
  4. When we played Yahtzee at Caribou with the faulty dice (“2’s are HOT tonight!”)
  5. The time we waited forever to get into Country Thunder but then got to stand super close to Eric Church
  6. When we were tailgating before a Brewers game and that random guy played BAGS with us
  7. Dan & I falling asleep during watching Elizabeth in A Winter’s Tale
  8. Naming our vehicle at #SBINAZ13 (and “hi Doug”)
  9. Watching some of our favorite movies together (Sydney White, The Great Race…)
  10. Tie-dying shirts with our cousins

More good times ahead! Love you both.


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