Tonight, Hall Council put on the annual Mr. Troll spoof men’s pageant. I have to admit I was initially dreading the show because it brought me back to painful memories. Last year’s Mr. Troll took place during one of the worst days (weeks?) of my college experience; nothing was wrong with the show, but a series of rough events in my life happened at the same time as the event. A few days ago I saw a picture from Mr. Troll 2012; I was in the background of the picture and I could easily tell how not-okay I was feeling just by the picture.

The Lord Has Promised Good To Me

I trusted that God’s plans were greater than my own. One year later, I was an MC for the event, happily working with the Mr. Troll contestants, Hall Council, and RA Staff. I couldn’t be more thankful for the good promises I’ve been receiving- largely including the support I’ve received from my building’s RAs and RD this year. My life took at 360 and I’m praising God for the new joy He has given to me!

Glory to God, forever.


This picture is a little bit ridiculous and a whole lot quirky, but it represents the joy and gratefulness I have for my fantastic RA staff this year (and for my RD, too).

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