Italian Expectations


In my excitement for my upcoming trip, I’ve done a bunch of research and such.

Here’s what I’m expecting:

  1. Never knowing what time it is. Not only will I be seven hours off from what I’m used to, they use military time. 23:00 what?!
  2. Complete confusion regarding my outer appearance. My research tells me that store owners will scowl at me if I don’t fit in a size 2, but also that men will stare at me because staring at women is a man’s second favorite (after watching soccer/futbol) hobby in Italy. Hmm.
  3. The most beautiful sights and experiences of my life. I honestly don’t think I’m being dramatic…I cannot wait to see Venice as well as Michelangelo’s work in Rome. AH!
  4. I’m preparing to face the inevitable- I usually eat gluten free but I’m expecting to try cannoli…pizza…pasta…at least in the last few days. My sister’s advice: “go big, and then go home.” Hah. I’m nervous.


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